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Frequently Asked Questions!


What are your Covid Related Precautions?


- We have an extremely spacious outdoor venue. We will have masks available free of charge at the front gate to anyone who asks for one.


- As should always be the case, any contact between entertainers/staff and patrons are only to be engaged with if both parties are in consent and comfortable. 


- For the protection of everyone, we highly encourage you to take advantage of the COVID-19 vaccination offered free of charge through your local Health Department, and various pharmacies in your area. Its free and easy to get, so please get your shot if you haven’t yet. 

- We have a large and spacious outdoor venue, but please be mindful of dense crowds or lines and keep your social distance around other guests, especially those who appear to desire more space for comfortability. 

- Please be a responsible individual and choose to stay home If you have flu-like symptoms. Regardless of the severity of what you may have no one wants to be given the flu or worse. 


- Take responsibility for yourselves, be responsible for others, be a decent human being to one another, have fun and enjoy the faire! 

What is a Renaissance Faire?
A Renaissance Faire is a medieval and sometimes fantasy themed festival filled with entertainment, shopping opportunity, food, fun activities and atmosphere!

What do I get for my price of admission?
You get all day access to our beautiful grounds dressed up to help transport you to a medieval renaissance village. You get access to over fifty unique vendors to shop from. There are a full days worth of various shows for you to watch and take part in ranging from musical shows to exciting and adventurous dramatic shows and knightly tournaments. You have an opportunity to experience re-enactment encampments where they will show you how life was lived in the medieval times. You have the chance to play games and win prizes. The overwhelming majority of the faire is children friendly, and there is even a few special areas where children can get more involved in the fun. You can go on boat rides at our beautiful lake, relax and take in the overall atmosphere that we work hard to provide for you. There will be fun festival foods and drinks. There will be a lot to do and see, likely more than you could do or see it all in one day. We really hope you join us!


How long does it last?
It runs from 10AM till 6PM on Saturdays and 10AM till 6PM on Sundays. You can come and go as you please, but we hope you make a mini vacation of it and spend the whole day with us!


Where can I get tickets, and how much are they? 
Tickets are available for purchase on our website for a reduced cost and a special pre purchase gift! Tickets are also available at the gate at $20 for an adult ticket, and $10 for children twelve to six. Children under six are admitted for free.


Should I come in costume?
That is entirely your choice! Some patrons choose to come in costume and some do not. Whatever choice you make you are equally welcome!


What if there is bad weather?
The Sparta New Jersey Renaissance Festival is a rain or shine event.  There is no refund of tickets for inclement weather. We make every preparation that we can to make the faire grounds as comfortable as we can in all weather conditions.


Do you accept credit cards? 
Many of our vendors accept credit cards, while others take cash only. We recommend bringing both for maximum flexibility.

May I bring my pet?
Pets are only allowed under certain pre-arranged circumstances. Service dogs are always permitted. Please fill out the following form if you wish to bring your pet:


Can I bring my own food and drink to the event?
No. Outside food and drink are not permitted on the faire grounds.


What kind of food is available for purchase?
Food vendors and a description of food will be announced on our website as we get closer to the faire.


Can I bring period weapons as part of my costume?
You may bring period weapons as part of your costume. However, they must be peace tied.


What is the bathroom situation like?
Both portable toilets and flushing toilets will be available for general use on faire days. There will be two areas. One is in the center of the fair grounds and should be easily locatable by following the signs and map.  The other area will be closer to the Food and Drink Booths. 


Is your faire wheelchair friendly? 
The grounds are gravel roads and grassy areas and are mostly navigable with wheelchairs. Most of our stages are outside, the pathways are gravel and the faire grounds are grassy. There are only a couple of hills that are at a moderate incline. At least one of our portable toilets is accessible by wheelchairs. 

May I smoke on the premises?
You may, but we ask that you not smoke at the performances or in other tightly gathered areas. Please be courteous to other patrons who may be allergic or have other similar problems with smoke. Our security and first aid team reserves the right to remove anyone who is not being courteous to other patrons or following these guidelines.


Can I bring a stroller?
Yes. We do not rent strollers and you must bring your own.

Is medical staff on the premises in case of emergency?
Yes. The Sparta New Jersey Renaissance Festival does have medical staff in case of emergency only. Please contact any staff member if you experience an emergency.

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